Causes of Hemorrhoids

Causes of Hemmoroids and how to remove them.  The exact causes of hemorrhoids are still debatable but most agree that hemorrhoids are usually caused by lifestyle factors. 

Listed below are the most frequent causes of hemorrhoids.

Some of the numerous causes of hemorrhoids are:

Healing hemorrhoids Constipation accompanied by straining,

Healing hemorrhoids Pregnancy,

Healing hemorrhoids Anal intercourse,

Healing hemorrhoids Long hours of sitting,

Healing hemorrhoids Heavy lifting, 

Healing hemorrhoids Aging. 

Constipation, one of the major causes of hemorrhoids, is the individual's difficulty in evacuating bowel contents from the body, usually due to dry and hard stool. Frequent constipation is one of the main causes of developing internal and external hemorrhoids. 

So generally speaking, irregular bowel movements, usually caused by imbalanced diet, and anything that causes undue stress in the anal area, can be the cause(s) of internal and external hemorrhoids. 

The ultimate causes of hemorrhoids are therefore anything and everything that causes or might cause: 

hemorrhoids no more  Increased pressure in the anal area,

hemorrhoids no more  Weak or weakened tissue and

hemorrhoids no more  Hard stool.