Is Sitting Down Torture?
Try These Tips To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids!

While many people are comfortable discussing the specifics of conditions like migraines or acid reflux, very few feel confident seeking advice for the treatment of getting rid of hemorrhoids, and of prevention of hemorrhoids.

However, there are millions of Americans who have at some point been forced to deal with the unpleasant symptoms of this condition.



Use these tips and tricks to prevent and treat hemorrhoids.  

  •  TIP! Gradually increase the fiber in your diet. Fiber is a great way to prevent and care for hemorrhoids, but if your body is not used to a large fiber intake, it may cause several issues.  
  • TIP! Eating corn is actually a great way in which you can help to reduce the pain and swelling of your hemorrhoids. As you may have noticed before, corn doesn't exactly break down well in your stomach.  
  • TIP! For hemorrhoid relief, sit in a warm bath. Sit in the tub with your knees bent to let the warm water soothe the hemorrhoid.  
  • TIP! An effective tip for hemorrhoid relief is to make use of a sitz bath containing healing essential oils. Ensure that the water is of a temperature tolerable to the affected area, and add several drops of lavender and juniper oils.  

A bleeding hemorrhoid is natural, so you should not panic if you find a little blood in your stool. This simply means that you need to eat more fiber or take some type of softener product so that you can pass stools easier.


  • TIP! Even without a hemorrhoid, you probably already know what eating spicy food does to you when you have a bowel movement. Logically, you want to avoid these types of foods if you do have ruptured and swollen veins in your rectum.  

Use a cream, but not too often. Creams do not actually alleviate any swelling or irritation, but they do numb the pain associated with hemorrhoids. If you need to use these for more than a week, make sure your doctor is okay with it. Using these too often can cause more pain if they are used more often than allowed.  

  • TIP! If you experience severe soreness, swelling and pain due to your hemorrhoids, one easy and quick way to reduce these symptoms and effects it to put together an ice pack. Make sure that the ice pack is wrapped or contained in a clean plastic baggie each time you apply it to the affected area.  

When struggling with hemorrhoids, take note of your salt intake. When you consume a lot of salt, it can cause your body to swell. Salt can also make your hemorrhoids swell. If you are struggling with your sodium intake, you can try to find other spices that will add flavor to your foods without the extra salt.  

  • TIP! If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, never wipe with dry toilet paper, put some water on it or get some flush-able wet wipes. If you use dry toilet paper, you are going to scrape the hemorrhoids open which causes them a longer time to heal and will cause you more pain.  

Before spending money on expensive medications and treatments for your hemorrhoids, try some natural home remedies. Soak in a warm sitz bath for 15 minutes, especially after having a bowel movement.  

  • TIP! Salt is an ingredient that you will want to avoid at all costs to lessen your symptoms of hemorrhoids. Instead of having a snack that contains a lot of salt, choose a nutritious alternative instead.  

Hemorrhoids can often become worse if you have a hard time producing a bowel movement. Increasing the amount of fiber that you are consuming is a great way to soften your stools and make bowel movements more comfortable for you, and lessen the chance that you will suffer pain from your hemorrhoids.  

  • TIP! Stay hydrated. When your body loses too much water, it begins to pull it from your stool.  

Don't depend on medications. Stimulant laxative drugs such as Bisacodyl tablets are meant to be used on a short-term basis and will not cure constipation. They may help with one bowel movement, but you'll be more constipated later. Side effects may include upset stomach, diarrhea, stomach cramps, faintness and stomach & intestinal irritation.  


The very private nature of hemorrhoids' affected areas makes it very difficult for many adults to openly seek advice from their friends or families.  

Fortunately, the information that you have just read is sure to answer at least a few of your questions about the symptoms and treatments that are associated with hemorrhoids.