Question: Is some kind of a treatment for hemorrhoids?

Answer: Yes, and No.

O.K. How yes?  It IS a treatment in the since of hemorrhoids must be treated in order to get at the root causes, change the situation to remove those root causes and cure them. But it is not a normal "treatment" that must be repeated over and over after each outbreak, like most normal treatments are.

And How No? It is not a treatment, it is a cure. The difference is in the objective and the results expected. We are not focusing on just making it feel better. The focus is on curing your hemorrhoids by changing what is causing them and finally getting rid of your hemorrhoid problems for good.

As an overview, the key here is in your reasons for seeking a hemorrhoid treatment.

Are you looking for short-term relief, make the pain, the itching, burning, bleeding, etc. stop?

Or are you looking for a long term solution involving permanent freedom from hemorrhoids (hemroids). Do you want to get rid of hemorrhoids forever and be free of them permanently?

Short term or long term.  You decide.